Example of prices for gear needed for in line hockey WHH 2008

Can find cheaper gear on ebay and league can supply some gear on a first come first served basis, there is a deposit required for WHH gear.



 Mission A50 Skates Size 3.0 D

Did not know size on skates, they are different then shoes a little, there is a sizing chart at web site. Youth size


US$ 49.97


Itech HC104 Youth Helmet w/Cage Black XXS

This is the helmit with cage, youth size




Mission 1500 Gloves Blk/White 12"

These are the gloves youth size




CCM Pro Tacks Elbow Pads Yth Large

This is elbow pads youth  size



Mission D2 Girdle Youth Large

These are the padded pants optional, most kids don’t wear these.

Youth size



Bauer 300 Shin Guards 9"

Shin guards youth size



Bauer 500 ABS Stick P88 Lindros Sr R

This is stick, got senior size, the youths are pretty small the senior size cut down works for most kids, I am not show how small they need to be to be better with youth stick but I think he is big nuf for senior. These come in left and right, he will use same as he golfs, so if he golfs right get right stick




He will also need mouth guard.








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